I have spent several years working on a book about the Hermetic Kabbalah. I am very pleased to say it is now available through Amazon in the USA and in the EU. It is a large book of 464 pages and over 60 illustrations, and not only covers many aspects of traditional Jewish Kabbalah in depth, it highlights what is distinctive about the Hermetic tradition as it has developed from the later part of the 15th century – the influence of Hellenistic philosophy and Neoplatonism, the Hermetica, theurgy and ascent mysticism, the mystery cults of antiquity, Gnosticism, and traditions of occult tutelage – the Holy Guardian Angel. It was written to benefit anyone who knows something about the Hermetic tradition of Kabbalah and would like to know more about the big picture – its historical foundations, literary traditions, key figures, and practical methods.

The Hermetic Kabbalah (USA)

The Hermetic Kabbalah (UK)