20th. Anniversary

Twenty years. This year 2015 is the 20th. anniversary of Digital Brilliance. This site has been on the WWW longer than Google.

In 1995 I bought my first personal computer and a domain name. The WWW was growing explosively, and one key factor was the release of Netscape Navigator in late 1994, and the ability to include graphics in a web page. It was all very exciting.  I had circulated some writing on Kabbalah on the Usenet from about 1990 on, and thought it would be good to give it a proper home, and offer a place for other writing.

A principle that I adopted (and I have stuck to) is that the site should be about Kabbalah – not advertising, product, courses, or other merchandising schemes. Yes, there is now an advert for a book. I am pleased to say that 2015 is also the publication date of The Hermetic Kabbalah. Like the site, it was made for you, not for me. It is a big book, and I’m selling it for more or less what it costs to print.