Liber Sphaerae

Liber Sphaerae is now available from Amazon. I began writing about two years ago during the first, serious lockdown, the one where the planes stopped flying and motorways were completely clear of cars. It grew indirectly out of my study of Renaissance Tarot as I tried to immerse myself in the outlook of that period. It is one thing to study the esoteric as a modern alternative worldview, and another to enter into a culture where it is the consensus reality.

My choice to present the book as a dialogue between four main characters was a reversion to a format popular at the time (but less so today). See, for example, Reuchlin’s On the Art of the Kabbalah. It is a good way to explore ideas, and it can be fun too, as when Socrates’ friends are all hog-whimpering drunk in The Symposium. I wanted to write something accessible that could be enjoyed equally by a novice or a scholar.

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