We have had a very hot summer. The grass is bleached. Reservoirs and rivers are drying up. I have been feeling quite listless. The West of England has been cooler than the counties to the East, but even so, the heat is taking its toll on my energy.

Finishing Liber Sphaerae in May was quite a push. I caught two nasty colds, then at the beginning of June I caught Covid, and that triggered a long-standing auto-immune thing. I spent a lot of June and July lying down.

When not lying down I spent my time fixing a twenty-year old sportsbike, a 2002 Honda Fireblade. It had many things wrong with it. If you want to see me on the (now-working) bike, then
Honda Fireblade 954: World Going Backwards – YouTube

I cast around for a new writing project, but the feelings of listlessness triumphed. I read a vast swathe of books. If the weather cools down I will review some of them. I have completed 75% of a new video, but listlessness has claimed that too.

We are so dependent on our energy. Listlessness isn’t merely a lack of get-up-and-go. It is a lack of the creative energy to do good things. One’s Muse goes on vacation. One can labour assiduously and produce pedestrian rubbish.

Here is a picture of Hesiod and the Muse. You can imagine me with no mountainous view … and no Muse.