Hermetic Kabbalah – the book



I haven’t updated the site for some time because I have been working hard on completing the book I have been working on for the past eight years. I now have my proof copies (see picture), I’ve read through the proof, and it is nearly good-to-go.

The blurb currently reads as follows:

“Before there was science, there was a different kind of science. If one wished to discover the deepest secrets about the nature of reality, one would study ancient traditions, seek out scholars, and perhaps talk to spirits or angels … This ancient science (and it was the legitimate science of its day) was a speculative science of living things, of processes and organism, of relationships and connections and interactions, a world of qualia and imagination, all set forth in visionary metaphors of giant androgynous beings and incestuous sexual dynamics.

The Hermetic Tradition is an intellectual and practical tradition dating from the late Roman Empire. It views the Cosmos as a living being composed of living beings, a whole composed of parts, like the human body.

“The Hermetic Kabbalah” shows how the tradition has developed through two millennia, its ideas intertwining with Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah like the serpents in the Caduceus of Hermes. It includes a detailed exposition on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the ten sefirot, and many other traditional themes including the Partzufim, the Primordial Adam, theurgy, and ascent mysticism. It also describes the Rectification of the Soul, in which the soul is awakened to an understanding of its place in the Cosmos.

Profusely illustrated, with over 60 diagrams and illustrations, this book is a distillation of a lifetime of study and practice.”

Initially it will be available through Amazon in the US and Europe.  I expect it to become available in 1-2 weeks – I will update this blog when it is available.