Welcome, and Whats-Up

Welcome to this new blog. It is part of the Hermetic Kabbalah site at digital-brilliance.com.  For the past five years I have been preparing a book, and consequently the site is not updated as much as I would like (apart from Don Karr, who updates his many contributions regularly). I hope the blog will provide a sense of activity, and provide an outlet for the many bees in my bonnet.

Digital-Brilliance had its first inchoate beginnings in 1989 when I became a very active contributor to the alt.magic Usenet forum. I pulled together a Kabbalah FAQ, and then wrote a series of articles I called simply Notes on Kabbalah. These were widely circulated and can still be found on many sites. They seem somewhat limited in perspective to me now, but that is in the nature of writing – one tries to build on and transcend what one has previously written.

This site was created in 1995 when the WWW was little and Google was still years in the future.  HTML 2 had just been implemented, and it was possible to add images to web pages. Here is one of the graphics Jan Swanson kindly made for the site:


Below is another image I made using a very early version of 3D Studio running on DOS:


I was pleased with myself. These were simple times.

In 2001, while I was grounded following a serious motorcycle accident, I completely rewrote Notes on Kabbalah and published it as an early EBook titled A Depth of Beginning. Ten years later, in 2011, I tore the website apart and  rewrote it in its current form.

Since then all my time has gone into writing a new book on Hermetic Kabbalah, which I intend to complete this year. It will be large, and is aimed at someone who has read many introductions to Kabbalah and wants to go deeper. I hope it will be available for the 20th. anniversary of Digital Brilliance.