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Notes on Kabbalah

Release 3.0, 7th. July 2001

I had originally intended to publish these notes as a conventional paper book, but decided against it. I am currently receiving 1000 visitors per month to this page alone. An initial print run for a book of this nature might be 5,000 copies, and take years to sell.

Then there is the altruism, which I genuinely (no gagging) believe in. You'll find a heart-warming justification on the fly-leaf of the book.

Please note the license conditions, also on the fly-leaf. This book is for personal downloading and use only. Distribution, electronic or otherwise, is not permitted. If you plan to take a copy and publish it on your own site, don't. 

The book is  in Abobe Acrobat PDF format. You can obtain a free Acrobat reader from Adobe. This is a very widely used format for online publishing of complex documents. It looks very neat indeed.

It has been specially formatted for printing on A4 paper. It should be fine on US Letter. 

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Notes on Kabbalah

Release 2.0

These are the original text files circulated on the Usenet in 1992. The version currently presented here is identical, with some additional chapters. 

7th. July 2001: there are many links pointing here, so I have not removed these files. They have now been superceded by Release 3.0 above.

Please Read (License to Circulate)
Introduction (9k .txt)
The Tree of Life (25k .txt)
The Pillars and the Lightning Flash (20k .txt)
Sephirothic Correspondences (18k .txt)
The Sephiroth (Malkuth) (23k .txt)
The Sephiroth (Yesod) (25k .txt)
The Sephiroth (Hod & Netzach) (41k .txt)
The Sephiroth (Tipheret) (19k .txt)
The Sephiroth (Gevurah and Chesed) (28k .txt)
The Sephiroth (Daath & the Abyss) (26k .txt)
The Sephiroth (Binah, Chokmah, Kether) (35k .txt)
The Four Worlds & the Souls (37k .txt)
The Great Work (14k .txt)
The Qlippoth (11k .txt)
Practical Kabbalah (30k .txt)
Practical Kabbalah (cont) (44k .txt)

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