Chapter 5 Part 3

Sixth, the living attending to the dead. It is very difficult to see[1] how this can be applied to the Higher World. For this is the of the Sephiroth which hide themselves and remove themselves into their place of concealment[2] above. How necessary it is to adjust them[3] and wash them of every stain of sin and to clothe them in white[4], the cleansing of the Sephiroth in the white-hot fire provided by the light of the good deed, to elevate them, according to the secret of the unity[5], to bind them above. And to carry them on the shoulder[6], according to the secret of the elevation of the Sephiroth, one by one, until they are lifted above the shoulder[7], that is the place where the arm begins its joint at the body and even higher than this, which is the hidden secret of which there is no comprehension. And in the secret of burial he should concentrate on the verse: 'And he buried[8] him in the valley,' which is translated[9] as 'with the thirteen attributes of mercy[10]' which flow from the Crown[11] according to its various aspects when it turns below to have mercy upon those beneath. And from there the buried one rises to the Supernal Eden, namely the Wisdom of the Crown. This requires very careful consideration.

Seventh bringing the bride under the marriage canopy. In this is included all the needs of the union[12]. For all the prayers and unifications are in accordance with the secret of bringing the bride under the canopy and this function is chiefly performed in prayer according to its manifold degrees, one higher than the other, the sacrifices[13], the psalms[14], the prayers recited while sitting[15] which include the Shema and its bendictions, then the prayer recited while standing[16] and the other Tikkunim which come afterwards[17]. All of these are acts of benevolence to the groom and the bride[18] to take note of their needs and the requirements of their union.

Eighth, to make peace between man and his neighbor, namely, Beauty and Foundation. For at times they are separated from each other and it is necessary to perfect them and adjust them until they are alike and bound together in love and friendship. This is brought about by the rectitude of the good deed. For when Foundation turns to the Left and Beauty to the Right, they are opposed to each other, until Foundation too, turns to the Right. And when, God forfend, there is the flaw of sin in the world then tehre is an opposing hatred between them and there is no unity nor bond among the Sephiroth at all. In this way, too, for the other pairs of Sephiroth that are Right and Left, namely Wisdom and Understanding, or Lovingkindess and Power, or Endurance and Majesty, it is necessary to bring peace to them. This is making peace between man and his neighbor. So, too, making peace between man and wife, that is, Foundation (Peace)[19] established between Beauty and Sovereignty. All similarity peaceful acts are acts of benevolence on behald of the Upper Worlds.

difficult to see i.e, what parallel can there be to this in the Higher World?

place of concealment In 'En Soph

adjust them Perform their Tikkun

clothe them in white As the dead are wrapped in shrouds

secret of unity The unity of 'En Soph and the Sephiroth

carry them on the shoulder As the dead are carried

above the shoulder I.e, above Loving-kindness and Power symbolized as the 'Two Arms'.

And he buried him Deut. XXXIV. 6

which is translated Tikk. to Zohar Hadash, 154a.

with the thirteen attributes The Hebrew for 'in the valley' is bhagay here translated as 'with gay' i.e., with the letters gimel and yod the numerical value of which is thirteen.

from the Crown Each Sephirah is contained in all the others, hence 'Wisdom of the Crown.'

the union Of the Holy One, Blessed is He (the Sephirah Beauty) and the Shekinah (Sovereignty). This union is symbolized by the marriage of bride and groom.

the sacrifices The part of the liturgy recounting the sacrifices offered in Temple times, v. Authorised Daily Prayer Book, ed. Singer, pp. 9-13

the psalms Singer, pp.16-36

recited while sitting Singer, 37-44 Shema. Singer, p.40

while standing Singer, p. 44-54

which come afterwards Singer, p 57f.

the groom and the bride 'At the time when Israel is proclaiming the unity - the mystery contained in the Shema - with a perfect intention, a light comes forth from the hidden supernal world, which divides into seventy lights, and those seventy lights into the seventy lumionous branches of the Tree of Life. Then the Tree and all the other trees of the Garden of Eden emit sweet odors and praise their Lord, for at that time the Matrona (Shekinah) prepares Herself to enter under the canopy, there to unite Herself with Her unite Himself with the Matrona' (Zohar II, 133b, Soncino, Vol. III, pp. 380-381)

Foundation (Peace). The symbolic name for Foundation is Peace. To bring peace between man and his wife is thus interpreted as to bring (=to establish) Foundation between Beauty (=man) and Sovereignty (=his wife).