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Any books you order through the links below will mean I receive a small commission on each sale. This costs you nothing, but I am retired and this trickle of money means I can buy more obscure books on Kabbalah to make sure my opinions are well informed.

Please note that I have no connection with Amazon, apart from membership of their associates programme, and have no responsibility for anything that happens should you choose to buy through them.  I like Amazon. This is an unashamed recommendation from a happy customer. Amazon has made it possible for me to find books I would never have known about or read ... and they deliver them to my front door.

Please also note that I have included only books that I have read and have found useful in my own personal study. If you are the author of a book on Kabbalah and feel offended that I have not included it, then either I have not read it, or I have my reasons. I am happy to read books if you want to send me complimentary copies, but I won't include them here unless I want to.

Colin Low 2009

Book List Version Date: 9th January 2009

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