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Although I enjoyed True Detective enormously, I was disappointed in one important respect: it attempted an occult theme, and as so often happens, I thought it failed, and I felt disappointed. The background to True Detective was a series of ritualistic murders, and the writers had attempted to construct an occult framework out of…

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Welcome, and Whats-Up

Welcome to this new blog. It is part of the Hermetic Kabbalah site at  For the past five years I have been preparing a book, and consequently the site is not updated as much as I would like (apart from Don Karr, who updates his many contributions regularly). I hope…

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Hermetic Kabbalah

If you have arrived at this blog via a search engine or other random hyperlink, you might be wondering what it is about.  This is the personal blog of Colin Low attached to Hermetic Kabbalah at You can find an extended explanation what I mean by  ‘Hermetic Kabbalah’ here.

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