The Four Zoas


Tarot card ‘the World’, Marseille Tarot est. 17th. century.


Phanes, Orphic/Mithraic plaque, Modena

MusŽe national du Moyen-åge

12th. century ivory tetramorph design, Cluny


Tetramorph illustration


Seventh century tetramorph design, Crypte Saint-Paul, Place Saint-Paul, Jouarre, France

Four Mighty Ones are in every Man: a perfect Unity
Cannot exist but from the Universal Brotherhood of Eden,
The Universal Man, to Whom be glory evermore. Amen.
What are the Natures of those Living Creatures the Heavenly Father only
Knoweth: no Individual knoweth, nor can know in all Eternity.
William Blake, The Four Zoas