Living in the Tarot

I have spent the last fifteen months living in the Tarot. By that I mean that almost every conscious moment when my brain wasn’t fully occupied with other tasks has been spent with the Tarot – either making cards, writing about the cards, or listening to the chatter in my head. The largest part of the task was making 22 Trump card designs, 16 court card designs, and another related material for the book.

The experience of living in the Tarot has been quite wonderful and productive. There was an insistence that I abandon everything I knew about the Tarot. I found that difficult, because I had invested a lot of time in reading every book and blog I  felt was worth reading on the subject. Once I gave up on the idea that I should impose a canon on the cards, and I should merely act as a raconteur and let the cards speak for themselves, there was a rush of content.

Of course, I am fully aware that personal content of this kind is personal, and make no claim (as many have done) to some kind of initiated understanding of the Tarot. The value of personal content lies in the artistry and universality with which it is presented, its ability to resonate with other people. I think part of the genius of the Tarot is that the Fool (or the spirit of Folly) has that power of communication in her gift. At some time or other we have all been a Fool.

The Angel card above? I ordered some proof copies of the book today. That is me awakening from the long sleep of creation, somewhat like Albion in Blake. I guess the proof copies, arriving via FedEx, will be like the new Jerusalem, the celestial bride, descending from the sky.