I see that I have posted nothing here for a year. There is a good reason for this, and it comes under the ‘Keep Silent’ rule observed by many students of the WET.

I have been wholly absorbed in creating a set of Tarot card designs for use in a book. I have learned to be extremely wary about predicting anything about publication dates, but I intend to have this book complete at some point in 2017. I have 22 Trump card designs and 16 Court card designs, and around 60,000 words of text, so I now feel that the project is through its teething stages.

This book will not be a typical book on Tarot. These focus (typically) on divinatory meanings, supposed esoteric explanations, or a developmental story. There are so many books in this space I did not feel I had anything substantial to offer.

I intend to post more in the way of explanation as it all comes together. For the time being you will have to be content with my Magician.