Colin's Bikes

A Life'f Progreff Usefully Illuftrated as a Proceff of Falling Off and Climbing Back On Again

In Feveral Partf, fome Comic, and Fome Tragic, varioufly Illufrated, and mervelloufly Compofed to Entertain & Instruct the Reader.

Honda CD90 (1968-71)

Lacking proper instruction I fly over a car in an incorrect manner and injure myfelf. Further encounterf with memberf of the West Auftralian Conftabulary.

Honda SL350 (1971 -73)

A cautionary tale involving several beerf, a ditch, and a copiouf and completely exceffive quantity of darkneff. Also a moral leffon concerning proper footware.

BSA A7 500 (1973-74)

Wherein a young lady is feduced, and large quantitief of lubrication are found to be neceffary.

Yamaha 125 Twin (1974-1984)

In which the author is properly inftructed in the correct manner in which to drive into other vehicles.

Ducati Mark 3 250 (1974 -)

A portion of the author's anatomy being exceffively enlarged, he is able to reaffure his readerf that hif reproductive capacity is not impaired.

Yamaha XS 750 (1978-1983)

A tale punctuated by punctures, and further enlivened by falling off.

Miscellaneous Horrible Bike Thangs

Where it is proven that the purchafe of pleafure bringf woe (and much unneceffary pufhing and fhoving).

Puch Maxi (1, 2 & 3) (1980 - )

In which the author does penance for affociating with the wrong sort of motorcycle (and promifef not to do it again).

Honda 400 four supersport (mid 80's)

In which the forward roll is finally perfected.

Reliant Robin (1982 - 84)

Wherein the author confeffef his only collifion with a Volvo, and spends too long conforting with failors.

Yamaha XV750 (1988 - )

A pitiful tale of decayed virility, in which the author borrowf the Last Trump from the archangel Gabriel, and fits it to hif exhaust to demonftrate that fize doef count.

Honda CBR900RR Fireblade (1996 - )

In which the author finally purchafef a proper motorcycle.

Copyright Colin Low 1997