About This Site

This Hermetic Kabbalah site was created in 1995. The domain name "digital-brilliance" is taken from the Bahir.

In the late-80s I had been involved in editing the Kabbalah FAQ for the Usenet group alt.magic. At that time I was unhappy at the way discussions about Kabbalah often became contentious. People from the Hermetic tradition often knew nothing about the Jewish tradition, and vice-versa. I wanted a site that was not affiliated to any particular tradition, group or commercial interest.

Some things have changed in the last sixteen years. There has been a flood of excellent scholarly publications on Kabbalah. The Western Esoteric tradition is now a subject for academic study, and a number of scholars are publishing excellent new material. There has also been an explosion of media interest in Kabbalah, and Kabbalah is frequently misrepresented as a glitzy show-business cult. It seems the scales always have to balance, information vs. misinformation.

The site has been completly revised and updated in 2011. The purpose of the site is still to provide a broad and non-partisan view of Kabbalah.

About Colin Low

Colin Low was born in Scotland in 1951 and attended 14 schools in Scotland, Nyasaland (now Malawi) and Australia. In spite of this erratic education he studied physics at the University of Western Australia and graduated in 1972. He went on to study star formation at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge. His entire professional life has revolved around computers, with four years as a consultant, 9 years as a lecturer in Computer Science at the University of London, and 17 years as an industrial researcher with Hewlett Packard. He has authored several academic papers and is named as inventor on many patents. He is now retired.

Colin has three sons, who make him feel very proud.

Kabbalah has been a life-long passion. He began to take an interest in 1968, and studied and practiced it informally in a number of small groups before meeting a teacher in 1978. He studied and worked with her until her death in the early 90s.

Colin is the chair of the Rockwax Foundation, a UK-based charity formed in 2011 to keep alive Hermetic and Kabbalistic traditions through public lectures, publications, and small-group teaching.


cal at digital-brilliance dot com